Blog Articles Help Get You On Page #1 of GOogle

Wanting to get noticed on Google? By investing in content strategy for your blog, you can do more with less – and make a bigger impact with less time, money, and energy. 

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Why you need articles & a content strategy too!

The Google algorithm feeds on content.  The more content you feed it, the more it has to rank!  Every single business should have a blog content strategy that highlights their services, products, and key events that their target market would find helpful.  

In order for your website to get good rankings on Google for the valuable keywords for your business, you need to talk about these key services.  For us, it’s Google Ads, Digital Marketing and advertising.  So we have articles that guide readers how to use these platforms.  Tips, tricks, and industry updates.  Do you have these on your website for your services?  

If not, you can see why this strategy is effective.  We are huuuuge believers in the Content Cluster Strategy, meaning you write articles about your services or product categories and continue to write about these in the future with links to your pillar article.  If you want to learn more, why not book a free 30 minute call with our team to discuss how this works?  We’re geeks and love talking shop. 

If you want us to do it for you, that’s totally fine too.  Here’s our blog article services and a content strategy package we can offer!

Small Pack
per article (incl GST)
Management of Google Search, Shopping, Display and Maps?
Unlimited Keywords
Conversion & Sales Tracking
Email & Chat Support?
No Long Term Contracts?
Suitable for 1 Campaign?
Up to $1,000 Ad Spend p/mth
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Full Strategy Pack
normally $1,999
✅ A high-quality search insights report with 50+ relevant target keywords
✅ A comprehensive competitor analysis
Add any text here...
✅ A content plan based on the effective pillar/topic cluster model, including 1 pillar page + 9 blog posts
✅ Recommendations for optimized content implementation?
✅ Best practices for content distribution (social, email, etc)
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Why Blogs are great for SEO

To make it super simple, we offer 3 packages for businesses to choose from. You can choose to buy and add as many as you like.  Whether you want simple blog articles, or full content strategy – we’ve got you covered.

We are Google Experts.  Here’s the proof!

Social Geeks have been managing and scaling businesses online using Google Ads for over 7 years.  Here’s some of our recent results!




Setup Fee

If you don’t have your account setup, we can setup you Google Ads for FREE, and install Google Analytics for $99 and Google Merchant for $199.

Up to $298 AUD
incl GST

Up to $298 AUD
incl GST

Up to $298 AUD
incl GST

Weekly Management Fee


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Setup By A Certified Google Partner

A Google Partner Agency is an award given by Google, to agencies with multiple staff who have passed Google Ads exams. To maintain this award, agencies need to maintain a high-performance level. Performance is based on the revenue growth, retention of the company’s clients, the company’s growth in overall revenue and number of advertisers.

Status Reports

Reports are sent weekly, monthly & quarterly depending on your chosen pack.

Ongoing Optimisation 

We log in to your account frequently to implement our digital strategy.  This includes constant monitoring, tweaking and optimising of campaigns.  Our goal is to maximise your results.

Google Ads Search Campaign

Text based search campaign that can show up on Google when people are searching for your selected keywords.

No Long Term Contracts

We’re performance based. We don’t need to lock you in with contracts. All we require is 2 weeks notice.

Unlimited Keywords

This means you can target your ads to different markets and get the best results for your business.

Sales & Conversion Tracking

By setting up conversion tracking, you will know exactly how many leads and sales your ads are generating and how much this is costing you. Easily track your ROI.

Display Ads

These are the image based ads that follow people around the internet. You will get thousands of views for free. Great for brand recognition.

First Priority Response Time

Our ‘Honey Deluxe’ clients skip the queue and are our first prority for response time.

Facebook Ads Starter Pack

Pixel Installation, Suitable for 2 Campaign Objectives, Dynamic Retargeting, Product Catalogue Integration.

Instagram Ads Starter Pack

Pixel Installation, Suitable for 2 Campaign Objectives, Dynamic Retargeting, Product Catalogue Integration.

We also have Social Media Content packs available.


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