What Is a Performance Max Campaign on Google?

Performance Max campaigns are a new type of ad campaign. They allow advertisers to reach Google’s entire ad inventory with a single campaign with qualifying objectives. Think of it as an enhanced goal-focused Search and Shopping campaign in one. They make use of extensive machine learning and automation to optimise those campaigns on your behalf.

You can use them for campaigns where your objective is to drive sales, generate leads, get website traffic, or drive in-store visits. 

Triple your Google Ads Monthly Conversions

Their Story:

Natural health supplements created by women for women

With long-held passions for inner health and natural healing, our client started her supplement brand as a weight loss supplement manufacturer with over 400 Australian stockists. After a short time, she established the currently biggest and most respected online Turmeric range of nutraceuticals in Australia and partnered with Social Geeks to run her multi-platform e-Commerce marketing.

With the client’s Turmeric e-Commerce success, she started to work on an idea to get women more engaged with each other around the topic of menopause. The biggest complaint most women had was there wasn’t a dedicated trusted high-quality natural range to go to help alleviate symptoms women were experiencing during this time.

With Social Geeks’ years long partnership with the client, she asked Social Geeks’ help to launch her menopause supplement range and reach new heights together once more in the digital space.

Our Solution:

Increase brand awareness with Google Performance Max

The aim of the launch campaign is to get the brand in front of as many eyes as possible. We at Social Geeks recommended a multi-platform campaign that would highlight the gap in the supplement market that this new menopause-focused range would fill.  As Google Performance Max rolled out in the first quarter of 2022, we were keen on utilising the new ad type for our longtime client as it produced great results for her sister Turmeric brand. 

Thanks to these campaigns, the client garnered a major increase in website traffic with  86,254 impressions from Google Performance Max alone in their first 30-days. As Google Performance Max utilises AI-machine learning and a full funnel targeting, we saw a lift in brand awareness which led to 35.67 conversions at a highly efficient cost per click at $0.99 and a 5.56% conversion rate (2.8% ave. for Health  eCommerce).

We saw a period-over-period lift on their Performance Max campaigns resulting in a 378.6% Return on Ad Spend.

Lift brand awareness and website traffic with Google Performance Max!


For the 30 day period, Social Geeks were able to generate:

Ad views 86,254  impressions
Conversions 35.67 conversions
Conversion rate 5.56% conversion rate
Ad clicks 587 clicks
Average cost per click $0.99 CPC
Ad Spent $579.76 cost
Revenue  $2,194.98 sales
Return of Ad Spend 378.6% ROAS


Lift brand awareness and website traffic with Google Performance Max!

Many brands have no idea where to get started with Performance Max campaigns, but we can help. The time to migrate is now if you haven’t already— there’s no time to wait.

We’ve learned a great deal about how to leverage Performance Max campaigns for our clients to help them see more results at a lower cost than ever before.

We’ve got the experience you need to get you started, and as a top-rated Google Ads agency with full-funnel ad services including multiple ad platform management (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Tiktok, plus email services, and more), we won’t just get you clicks— we’ll get you results. Ready to increase your conversions, lower your CPA, and send your ROAS skyrocketing? We’ve helped other clients do exactly that, and we’re ready to help you.

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