Plastic-free July campaign

This baby supplies brand ran Facebook and Instagram ads to increase reach, boost brand awareness and highlight the world Plastic-free July event. Plastic-Free July is a global initiative aimed at reducing the consumption of single use plastics, and is the perfect chance for all of us to rethink the part we play in the preservation of our environment and beautiful planet Earth. The baby supply brand offered 30% Off all their Wet bags and Cloth Nappies for the whole month of July to help push the reduction of single-use plastics for mindful families.


Their Story

Eco-friendly families

Our baby supplies client is the leading brand in stylish cloth diapers and eco-parenting products in Australia. They pioneered beautifully hand-illustrated modern cloth diapers and environmentally-friendly baby accessories. All products feature organic and premium fabrics coupled with the brand’s exclusive artwork – combining style and sustainability. Their multi-award-winning reusable diapers are well-loved in the mindful parenting community and have developed a loyal following.  Together with their sustainable baby products, they value worldwide eco-events like Plastic-free July and offer promotions to help families start green practices at home. They believe that even a small change towards sustainability will make a big impact on the environment and the future generations.

Their Goal

Boost awareness and champion eco-initiative

The strategy centered around colorful, educational and advocacy-heavy Facebook & Instagram image and video ads targeted to relevant audiences. Their objectives were simple: boost awareness of the Plastic-free July promotion and increase purchase intent among their target audience. 

Our Solution

Advocacy Educational Ads

A conversion-goal funnel ad campaign was set up by Social Geeks to advertise the client’s Plastic-free July promotion.  We utilised a post engagement strategy together with running a conversions campaign. Top of Funnel image and video ads were utilised to capture cold audiences with educational ads that highlighted the limited time 30% OFF promotion on wet bags and cloth nappies. Middle of Funnel ads for warm audiences to enable a more convenient shopping experience plus highlight the brand’s eco-friendly and sustainable mission. With an audience targeting strategy aimed at Parents, Interests at Sustainability and Eco-friendly products, Social Geeks successfully reached the client’s metrics and sales goals with a 9.05X Return on Ad Spend and almost 200 purchases in a single month.


For dates  01-31 July 2021, Social Geeks were able to generate:

Ad Spent:




Purchase Conversion Value


Return on Ad Spend


Cost per Purchase


Click Through Rate



What our team says

“The baby supplies brand is built around a mission, and we wanted to not only increase sales but also build on their brand’s core values. We worked to enrich our audience’s knowledge on the importance of going plastic-free and also helping them make the right choices for their family. I am happy that we generated a substantial lift in awareness and overall sales during this campaign!”

– Geni, Social Geeks Project Manager


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