Email Marketing for Fashion Brand Advocating for Individuality

Our clothing brand is a long time Facebook Ads and Social Media Management Social Geeks client. They requested the Social Geeks team to strategize and create an email campaign for their Afterpay Day Sale 4-day event. 


Their Story

Be loud, Be proud

Our clothing brand client champions individuality and support for mental health awareness through high quality streetwear fashion.  


Their Goal

Email Subscribers Activation + Sales

Connecting with current email subscribers and encouraging them to join the Afterpay Day Sale event with a 10% OFF limited time code. 


Our Solution 

Email Marketing Strategy 

With the Afterpay Day Sale 4-day event, Social Geeks suggested to structure a three email flow – 1 week before the start of the sale, 3 days before the start of the sale and another email on the start of the sale time. The team  utilized teaser-type visuals and subject headlines to pique the interest of the email recipients and highlight the sale start date. The content also included prompts like ‘Fill Your Wishlist’ with product features so that the audience can have a smooth and hassle-free online shopping experience. The 3 emails generated 5,303.05 Total Revenue, 29.5% Average Open Rate (well-above Industry Average 12.30%), 3.1% Average Click-through Rate (Industry Average 1.10%), and a 883.84% Return on Investment.




For dates August 19 – 22,  Social Geeks were able to generate:

Ad Spent:




Open Rate

29.5% (Industry Average 12.30%)

Click-through Rate

3.1% (Industry Average 1.10%)

Return on Investment



What our team says:

Email Marketing is Cost-Effective and Economic

“The client has a very simple email automation set up and rarely sends out promotion-based emails to its email subscription list. By using a teaser mystery-type subject line on this sales campaign, we successfully piqued the interest of the audience which led to a high open rate at 29.5% (well-above the retail industry average of 12.30%) and generated A$ 5,303.05 revenue from just the 3 emails — that is a 883.84% Return on Investment! Email marketing is indeed one of the most effective approaches to target an audience who has an interest in the products you offer. It’s easy and cheap. Checking and analyzing the rate you need to spend per message sent is almost nothing compared to the revenue that it provides. I’m excited about all the possibilities we can reach with the power of email marketing!”

-Ruven G., Social Geeks Director of Client Services



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