Winning over Mother’s Day Gift-givers with targeted Facebook and Instagram ads

The baby milestone gifts online brand launched a Facebook and Instagram advertising campaign to highlight their special Mother’s Day pack that is designed to be an all-in-one handmade gift for mothers and expectant mums in Australia.

Their Story

Little moments, Big memories

When the creator of the baby milestones business started the brand, she wanted every little moment in a baby’s journey in life to be special and memorable. She handcrafted unique trinkets that are customisable with a variety of nature-inspired designs and can be personalised with any baby name. With her hands-on approach to product development coupled with the personalisation option to all her product designs, the business grew and developed a loyal following that translated into steady sales and attracted new audiences. As the aesthetically-pleasing baby milestones are designed to be photographed and used to announce a birth or a special moment, customers shared their purchases on social media and grew the brand by word of mouth and organic user-generated content.

Their Goal

Mother’s Day sales + Extending reach by attracting new customers

The baby milestone gifts brand wanted to highlight a limited time special mother’s day package that consists of a baby book, print kits, milestone discs and a free personalised “World’s Greatest Mum” discs.


Our Solution

Targeting gift-givers a the right time with the right messaging

The baby milestone gifts brand reached people based on interests that they shared on Facebook that targets grandparents and fathers that are looking for gifts for Mother’s day. The team also targeted warm audiences that are already interested in the brand by using Facebook and Instagram engagements.

By using interest targeting and expanding targeting to reach new customer demographics, the baby milestone gifts brand found success selling products via Facebook and Instagram ads in the weeks leading up to Mother’s Day. By targeting people who are anticipating gift giving, the team took a risk with audiences that are holiday-based and it paid off.

Because the baby milestone gifts brand highlighted their limited edition Mother’s Day special package by using Facebook and Instagram ads they reached the right people at the right time and therefore had a high Return on Ad Spend at 753.17% for the campaign.


For dates April 7 – 27 in 2021, Social Geeks were able to generate:

Ad Spent:


(Success Metric 1)

7.53 Return on Ad Spend 

(Success Metric 2)

31 Purchases

(Success Metric 3)

$4,816.00 Adds To Cart Value

(Success Metric 4)

1.01% Click-through Rate

(Success Metric 5)

$0.71 Cost Per Click


What our team says

“Combining Social Geeks’ targeting strategy research and the baby milestone gifts brand’s special Mother’s Day promo package, we managed to reach and exceed the targeted Return on Ad Spend  while attracting new customers. We are happy with this achievement amidst such challenging times and look forward to conquering new heights together!”

– Martie, Social Geeks Content Creator


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