No baby blues

Pinterest ads for this reusable cloth diaper brand far exceeded performance and sales expectations having garnered 91,921 impressions and 308 pin clicks resulting in 207 conversation actions, with 63 checkouts and total Return on Ad Spend of 56.56X. Pinterest ads increased brand awareness, sales and proved the success of Pinterest as a full-funnel solution.

Their Story

Style and Sustainability

The reusable cloth diaper client is the leading brand in stylish cloth diapers and eco-parenting products in Australia. They pioneered beautifully hand-illustrated modern cloth diapers and environmentally-friendly baby accessories. All products feature organic and premium fabrics coupled with the brand’s exclusive artwork – combining style and sustainability. Their multi-award-winning reusable diapers are well-loved in the mindful parenting community and have developed a loyal following.

Their Goal

Boost awareness and increase purchase intent

The reusable cloth diaper brand’s strategy centered around colorful, educational and designed-focused Pinterest image, video and carousel pins, supplemented by interest targeting. Giving the brand the chance to showcase their new collection and products to a receptive audience of new parents that was open to new ideas, a full-funnel Pinterest strategy was ideal for this campaign. Their objectives were simple: boost awareness of the newest collection and increase purchase intent among their target audience.



Our Solution

Full-funnel Pinterest ads and interest targeting

This reusable cloth diaper brand is a long-time Facebook and Instagram ads client. As this business garnered success in social media advertising, Social Geeks suggested Pinterest as the next step to increase brand awareness. The nature of the business is well-suited to the Pinterest planners audience and the client agreed to test the waters with Social Geek’s full-funnel strategy, targeting and content creation services.


For dates February 12-21 in 2021, Social Geeks were able to generate:

Ad Spent:


(Success Metric 1)

56.56X Return on Ad Spend for Checkout Events

(Success Metric 2)

A$10,175.74 Order Value for Checkout Events

(Success Metric 3)

91,921 impressions

(Success Metric 4)

308 pin clicks

(Success Metric 5)

A$1.26 Click per Action (Add-to-cart)


What our team says

“With the right ad group targeting and message, Pinterest allowed us to execute our audience strategy perfectly. Providing  relevant content and supporting new and future parents at the right moment in their lives.”

– Myreen, Social Geeks Pinterest Ads Specialist


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