Guilt-free Sweet Valentine

This Healthy Dessert Box brand ran Facebook and Instagram ads to increase reach, boost brand awareness, advertise their Valentine’s Day themed box and garner sales for Valentine’s Day resulting in a 5.09X Return on Ad Spend and $13,097 Purchase Value.

Their Story

Healthy dessert boxes delivered straight to your door

Our Healthy dessert box client is a female founded business determined to break social norms by reinventing gifting and dessert – erasing eaters remorse for a first-ever guilt-free dessert box. They aim to bring back thoughtful gifting to deepen those meaningful connections and relationships. They love to make people feel appreciated, loved and thought of.

Bringing the best of both worlds together – delicious and guilt-free dessert boxes that are certified gluten-free, refined sugar-free, lactose and soy free made with natural raw unprocessed ingredients.


Their Goal

Boost awareness, reach new audiences and sales

During the weeks in preparation for Valentine’s Day, our healthy dessert box client offered a 10% OFF discount for the Valentine’s Day themed boxes and free shipping over $100. They used Facebook and Instagram ads to advertise the limited time code to introduce their new limited-edition V-day dessert box and push early bird sales.


Our Solution

Full Funnel Early Targeted Ads

A conversion-goal full funnel ad campaign was set up by Social Geeks to advertise the client’s Valentine’s Day promotion.  We utilised a 3-tiered strategy by date (January 20-31, February 01-07 and February 08-14) that offered increasing the creative and ad copy urgency level as the date approached Valentine’s Day. Top of Funnel image ads were utilised to capture cold audiences with colorful fun visuals and cheeky ad copy to suggest a healthy dessert box as a unique Valentine’s Day gift option. Middle of Funnel collection ads for warm audiences to enable a more convenient shopping experience and instant checkouts with discount code. And with a Bottom of Funnel dynamic ads to retarget abandoned carts with an urgency ad copy.  With an audience targeting strategy aimed at Men in Relationships (Interested in Fitness, Shopping, Luxury Goods, and by occupation) and People in Relationships (Male & Female) , Social Geeks successfully reached the client’s metrics and sales goals with a 590% Return on Ad Spend.



For dates January 20 – February 14 in 2021, Social Geeks were able to generate:

Ad Spent:






Purchase Conversion Value:




Add-to-Cart Conv. Value:



What our team says

“With the right targeting, right messaging and right promotion, Social Geeks successfully launched the Valentine’s Day campaign for our healthy dessert box client. As the date February 14 approached, the number of clicks, purchases and conversation value increased while cost per purchase decreased as expected with the strategy put in place.”

Johnson, Social Geeks Senior Ads Specialist


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