Our health supplement client is a longtime Facebook and Instagram Ads client and requested Social Geeks’ help in improving their current Google Ads performance. In just one month of handing over their account to Social Geeks, their Google Ads clicks increased by 63.47% and impressions grew by 197.2%. Conversions jumped 70.8% and generated a total of 422 successful purchases for the month – resulting in a 395% Return on Ad Spend.


Their Story

Health is wealth

Our health supplement client is famously known as Australia’s #1 organic turmeric store. Their most successful range on their e-commerce portal includes all-natural dietary, skin and wellness products. Previously, they were running Google search and display campaigns but these did not yield any significant results for them for the past few months. Even though they were spending a considerable amount, the client was only getting the transactional value and not any ROI from their efforts until they sought help from Social Geeks.


Their Goal

Increase website traffic and bump up conversions

Our health supplement client aims to increase both traffic and conversions via Google paid ads while also introducing the organic supplements to new audiences that are likely to be loyal consumers in the future.


Our Solution

Social Geeks completed a full Google Ads audit and closely studied the entire product range of the client, including their best selling products. The team identified all the areas where the campaign could be optimized, improved ad copies, images, keywords, ad groups and promoted discounts and offers. We also analyzed the purchase behavior and niche of their customers, and designed Google shopping campaigns for the client. One of the key focus areas was to update their images to reflect the new packaging, work on maximizing conversion optimization and improve keywords strategy. 


For dates 1-31 July 2021, Social Geeks were able to generate:

Ad Spent:




Purchase Conversion Value


Return on Ad Spend




Click Through Rate




What our team says

“After carefully adjusting campaigns in Google Ads and stabilizing them, we envisioned a bright future for our health supplements client on Google Ads. I am glad that the metric and sales goals were already met in just a single month and we are excited to expand Google Ads strategies with this brand to reach greater heights.”

– Klarizze, Social Geeks Google Ads Specialist


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