Their Story:

Be loud, Be proud

Our clothing brand client champions individuality and support for mental health awareness through high quality streetwear fashion.  The fashion brand was created by a small group of people who had all been personally touched in some way by depression, anxiety, chronic mental health conditions or suicide. By spreading the message of the importance of self-worth, individuality and mental health awareness through clothing, they have garnered thousands of loyal customers across Australia and are pledging a percentage of profits to be donated to an organisation that provides vital support in the area of mental health and well being.

With Social Geeks’ years-long partnership with the client, they asked Social Geeks’ help to produce video content, run video ads and reach new heights together in the digital space.


The Goal:

Video content is king

The client wanted to expand brand awareness and drive online sales of its products in the Australian market by utilising short-form video content. Static image ads have been the norm for the fashion brand’s ads in their first year of digital advertising and have been doing well considering the content available but Facebook and Instagram algorithm updates of late have pushed the need for more video content on the platform and thus affected ad results.

Building awareness and generating sales with Facebook video ads

Our Solution:

Building awareness and generating sales with Facebook video ads

The aim of the video campaign is to get the brand in front of as many eyes as possible, evoke the brand spirit and ultimately generate more sales. We at Social Geeks recommended a campaign that uses short video-based content that would showcase their products and brand personality.

The campaign showed video ads to broad audiences from previous campaigns and to lookalike audiences. The ads, which were seen in all available placements across Facebook and Instagram encouraged people to visit the brand’s website to find out more.

The brand’s stylish video ads captured the imagination of Australian customers and resulted in high volumes of website visits, including many first-time visitors. Between 4-weeks of testing, they saw an overall lift in reach and brand awareness. With a video view optimised ad campaign targeted to cold audiences, the funnel was fed new audiences which triggered a spike in audience engagement – improving Click Thru Rate by 66.67% compared to previous period which resulted in  a 175.24% increase in website traffic and a 3.50X  lift in sales.  As an added bonus of producing video content, 20 new Instagram Reels garnered a total of 16,296 Thru Plays as of writing.

We saw a period-over-period lift on Facebook ad campaigns resulting in a peak 551% Return on Ad Spend even on a 33.16% budget decrease compared to the previous period.

Building awareness and generating sales with Facebook video ads


For a 30 day period, Social Geeks were able to generate:

Ad views 396,112  impressions
Video Thru Plays 16,296 Reels views
Conversions 80 purchases
Conversion rate 4.66% conversion rate
New website users 7,127
Add to Cart value $31,152.91
Ad spend 33.16% decrease
Revenue  $8,862.68 sales
Revenue increase 3.11% increase in sales
Return of Ad Spend 551% peak ROAS



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