Google Search Ads Campaign

The baby milestone gifts brand is a longtime Facebook and Instagram Ads client and requested Social Geeks’ help in launching a Google Ads campaign. In just two weeks after launching their Google ads account to Social Geeks with a daily ad spend budget of only A$5, their Google Ads garnered impressive results with 27,674 impressions, 2,079 clicks, a 7.51% click-thru rate, 561 conversions with a 26.98% conversion rate (for reference, 2.69% is the e-commerce industry average conversion rate) – resulting in a 13X Return on Ad Spend.

Their Story

Little moments, Big memories

When the creator of the baby milestones business started the brand, she wanted every little moment in a baby’s journey in life to be special and memorable. She handcrafted unique trinkets that are customisable with a variety of nature-inspired designs and can be personalised with any baby name. With her hands-on approach to product development coupled with the personalisation option to all her product designs, the business grew and developed a loyal following that translated into steady sales and attracted new audiences. As the aesthetically-pleasing baby milestones are designed to be photographed and used to announce a birth or a special moment, customers shared their purchases on social media and grew the brand by word of mouth and organic user-generated content. Now they want to venture and experiment in more ways to market their products, thus exploring Google Ads with the Social Geeks team at the helm.

Their Goal

Brand awareness and sales

The baby milestone brand wanted to know if Google ads is a lucrative avenue for advertising her beautiful handcrafted products. The client relied on Social Geeks’ Google Ads strategy recommendations and started with a competitor search campaign. Initial goal is set to ‘maximize clicks’ to drive relevant traffic to the website and increase brand awareness.

Our Solution

Google Ads Competitor Search Campaign

The Google competitor search campaign aimed to introduce the brand and its products to users who are searching for the competitors’ products. By including the competitors’ names on targeted keywords, the ads were served to users who are actively  searching for other brands that have similar products  to increase  website traffic and the end goal is to convert these users into customers. To start, a daily budget of $5 was set to test the waters and will be increased depending on the campaign performance over time.

Campaign Level Insights:

Upon the campaigns’ activation last August, we have observed good performance of our campaigns. SG | Products | Search had 17,178 impressions, 603 clicks, and 3.51% CTR, leading to 23 conversions, with 3 purchase conversions, and a conversion rate of 3.81% with a CPA of A$12.18 and a ROAS of 0.96. 

SG | Brand | Search campaign garnered 7,029 impressions, 1,108 clicks, and 15.76% CTR, resulting in 444 conversions, with 73 purchase conversions, and a conversion rate of 40.07% with a CPA of A$0.62 and a ROAS of 29.10.

Lastly, the SG | Brand & Products | Dynamic campaign had 3,467 impressions, 368 clicks, and 10.61% CTR, leading to 94 conversions, with 13 purchase conversions, and a conversion rate of 25.54% with a CPA of A$1.99 and a ROAS of 7.29.


For the first two weeks since activation, Social Geeks were able to generate:

Return on Ad Spend 13X
Impressions 27,674
Clicks 2,079
Click-thru rate 7.51%
Conversions 561
Conversion Rate 26.98%

What our team says

“With just the initial two-week Google Search ads performance, the set metric and sales goals have been already met and exceeded thresholds. By starting with competitor search ads, we have garnered vital data (and the 9x higher than industry average conversion rate plus 13X ROAS  is a huge bonus!) to explore Google Ads more and get this unique brand in front of more potential customers. We are excited to expand Google Ads strategies to reach greater heights with this client!”

Myreen, Social Geeks Google Ads Specialist

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