Flash Virtual Expo Sale event

Facebook and Instagram ads for this baby fashion label’s limited-time Virtual Expo Sale event performed beyond industry and agency thresholds having  garnered a total of 619 purchases and the total value of purchases was $76,711.10. It costs $7.51 per purchase, spending a total of $4,651.10. ROAS is at 16.49. CTR is at 1.19%. There are 18,429 Add To Cart actions, which cost $0.25 per action. The total value of products in the cart is $484,031.54

Their Story

Australia’s Multi-award winning reusable cloth nappies

The baby fashion label client is the leading brand in stylish cloth diapers and eco-parenting products in Australia. They consistently win industry awards for their range of baby fashion products. This sustainability-centered brand pioneered beautifully hand-illustrated modern cloth diapers and environmentally-friendly baby accessories. All products feature organic and premium fabrics coupled with the brand’s exclusive artwork – combining style and sustainability. Their multi-award-winning reusable diapers and their continuously evolving range are well-loved in the mindful parenting community and have developed a loyal following that spans throughout the online parenting community.

Their Goal

Flash Virtual Sale

The baby fashion label wanted to highlight their limited-time Virtual Sale event. Due to pandemic restrictions, they had to cancel 15 baby shows and expos around Australia that were a vital part of their marketing strategy and community building efforts pre-pandemic. To make up for the canceled face-to-face events that usually attracted new and old customers, the baby fashion label constructed a Virtual Expo Sale event that offers 30% off storewide plus 60% off on sale items by using a code at checkout. In tandem with Facebook and Instagram organic posts, Pinterests ads plus email marketing, they utilized Facebook and Instagram ads to promote the event with the goal of transforming the would-be expo sales into virtual sales.


Our Solution

Eye-catching Multi-ad type creatives

A conversion-goal full-funnel ad campaign was set up by Social Geeks to advertise the client’s Virtual Expo Sale  promotion. Top of Funnel video and carousel ads were utilised to capture cold audiences with colorful fun visuals and short-form ad copy to highlight the 30% up to 60% OFF promo. Middle of Funnel image and collection ads for warm audiences to enable a more convenient shopping experience and instant checkouts with highly visible discount code. And with a Bottom of Funnel dynamic ads with intro image to retarget abandoned carts with an urgency ad copy.  With an audience targeting strategy aimed at Parents, Interests at Sustainability and Eco-friendly products. Social Geeks successfully reached the client’s metrics and sales goals with a $76,711.10 purchase conversion value.



For dates August 20 – September 4, Social Geeks were able to generate:

Ad Spent:


Return on Ad Spend




Purchase Conversion Value


Total Add-to-Cart Value


Ads Impressions



What our team says

“Social Geeks successfully promoted the Virtual Expo Sale event for our baby fashion client with the right messaging, timing and right promotion that resulted in reaching and exceeding the client’s sales goals. With a mix of diverse ad types shown to the best performing audiences, the sale was a success and brought a total of $76,711.10 purchase conversion value and a whopping 16.49x Return on Ad Spend!”

– Johnson, Social Geeks Senior Ads Specialist

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