Title: Revolutionary cat containment system increase sales growth through M&H’s Facebook ads

Their Story

Our Pet Industry client is a 100% Australian owned and manufactured entirely in Australia. It is a do-it-yourself cat containment system kit to keep cats safe and protected and it’s the only cat containment system of its type in the world.

Their Goal

Increase brand awareness and raise revenue on their DIY Kits and retarget cat owners

Our Pet Industry client wanted to increase its sales in Australia and tailored its marketing campaigns to reach the right potential clients.

Their Solution

Working with Social Geeks Digital Agency

March 2019, they have reassessed their marketing strategy and decided to work with us, Social Geeks Digital Agency, to focus on creating and optimising Facebook Ads. Through the use of Rapid Fire Testing and our classic E-commerce funnel strategy, we were able to target the right audiences, find cost-efficient solutions in scaling up their website traffic sales and revenue.


In a span of three consecutive months working with us, Our Pet Industry client were able to:

  • Generate a 2.06% Conversion Rate
  • Increase ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) from 6.14 to 9.96.
  • Decrease of 44.17% on conversion Cost
  • 18% increase in product views
  • Total value of $28,535.47 in Revenue