Boxing Day Sale event

Facebook and Instagram ads for this baby fashion label’s Boxing Day Sale event performed beyond industry and agency thresholds having garnered a total of $113,146.28 for 6-day campaign duration from all channels. It is also notable that evergreen Google Search Ads and Pinterest ads also had a significant spike in performance and sales attributed to the Facebook and Instagram ad campaign.

Their Story

Australia’s Multi-award winning reusable cloth nappies

The baby fashion label client is the leading brand in stylish cloth diapers and eco-parenting products in Australia. They consistently win industry awards for their range of baby fashion products. This sustainability-centred brand pioneered beautifully hand-illustrated modern cloth diapers and environmentally-friendly baby accessories. All products feature organic and premium fabrics coupled with the brand’s exclusive artwork – combining style and sustainability. Their multi-award-winning reusable diapers and their continuously evolving range are well-loved in the mindful parenting community and have developed a loyal following that spans throughout the online parenting community.

Their Goal

Boxing Day Sale

The baby fashion label wanted to highlight their Boxing Day Sale event. The Boxing Day promotion offered 50% off sitewide and up to 80% off on their sale items (with category exceptions – skincare and new swimwear collection) by utilising a limited-time discount code. In addition to the sitewide discount, customers got a free Wet Travel Bag Pod valued at $34.95 with purchases over $150. This promotion doubled as a year-end sale to clear stock in preparation for the new season launch in the following year.

Our Solution 

Aggressive Full-funnel ads

A conversion-goal full-funnel ad campaign and custom creatives was set up by Social Geeks to advertise the client’s Boxing Day promotion. Top of Funnel video and carousel ads were utilised to capture cold audiences with an ad copy length split test run between the 3 top performing ToF audiences (consisting of an interest-based audience in tandem with Lookalike audiences). Middle of Funnel collection ads for warm audiences to enable a more convenient shopping experience and instant checkouts with highly visible discount code on the video creative. Bottom of Funnel dynamic ads to retarget abandoned carts was successful by targeting website view content plus abandoned cart audiences for the past 90 days. Results of the ad copy length split test concluded that short-form (less than 250 characters) copies performed better than long-form copy – which is consistent with the latest Facebook ads guidelines. With an audience targeting strategy aimed at Parents, Interests at Sustainability and Eco-friendly products coupled with the best performing audiences, the Boxing Day Sale campaign exceeded sales and engagement goals.

Multi-channel digital advertising

By launching an aggressive Facebook & Instagram ads campaign, the active Google and Pinterest evergreen ads performance increased significantly and produced impressive results even without launching either a Google or Pinterest-specific campaign to promote the Boxing Day Sale. It is important to note that platforms like Google Ads and Pinterest ads perform better with an evergreen creative versus a promotion-based creative as they need time and consistency to reach optimal conversion. Social Geeks successfully reached the client’s metrics and sales goals with a $113,146.28 purchase conversion value (Facebook, Instagram, Google and Pinterest ads) in the campaign duration of 6 days.


For dates December 26 – 31, Social Geeks were able to generate a total of $113,146.28 sales across existing advertising platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads & Pinterest Ads).

Facebook and Instagram

Return on Ad Spend 16.82X
Purchases 416
Purchase Conversion Value $43,719.58
Total Add-to-Cart Value $192,509.80 
Ad Spent:  A$2,600.00


Google Ads (evergreen ads performance):

Return on Ad Spend 42.13X
Purchases 459
Purchase Conversion Value $50,766.70
Ad Spent: A$1,205.13
Ads Impressions 78,533


Pinterest (evergreen ads performance):

Purchase Conversion Value $18.66k (↑ 825%)
Purchases 165 (↑ 768%)
Page Visits 13.64k (↑ 543%)
Add to Basket 1.84k (↑ 569%)

What our team says:

Email Marketing is Cost-Effective and Economic

“With such a tight deadline for this campaign coupled with high ad competition due to the holiday season, I am proud to reach a whopping $113,146.28 sales for this long-time client! By utilising the historically best-performing audiences, ad types, creatives plus an aggressive full-funnel approach, this short 6-day ad campaign smashed forecasts and expectations!”

– Martie, Social Geeks Content Creator

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