Our clothing brand client has been struggling in the past to produce consistent original social media content while managing both the business and marketing efforts to elevate the brand further.

Their Story

Our clothing brand client champions individuality and support for mental health awareness through high quality streetwear fashion.  

Their Goal

Connecting with audience and  lift brand awareness and overall engagement to foster genuine connections with their target audience

Our Solution

Social Media Management with Social Geeks Digital Agency

Previously a Facebook Ads client only, they entrusted us with handling their Social Media from Strategy, Creative Direction, Content Creation, Copywriting and management.

Through an in-depth brand research and audience study, we were able to identify the imagery and tone-of-voice that appeals to the target audience. By creating and experimenting on a variety of organic content on both Facebook and Instagram posts and stories, the average engagement steadily grew and attracted new social followers – resulting in a passionate and thoroughly engaged warm audience.


In 8 months, Facebook page likes grew from 400 likes to 12,462 likes. That is a 31x increase in Facebook followers alone! Instagram followers also increased by 25.4% from the time Social Geeks started Social Media Management services for our clothing brand client. Overall website visits tracked from Social Media also increased significantly and resulted in continuous add to carts and purchases.

(Success Metric 1)

1,030,222 People Reached

(Success Metric 2)

53.8% increase in monthly post reach

(Success Metric 3)

211.9% increase in monthly story reach

(Success Metric 4)

10x higher average comment rate

(Success Metric 5)

384% increase in engagement

(Success Metric 6)

16x higher average post share rate


What our team says

“As our clothing brand client’s advocacy is promoting individuality, self-love and mental health awareness – we are Social Geeks Digital Agency are proud of the role we had in furthering such a worthy cause! We are thrilled that through extensive research and content strategy experimentation, we have captured the essence of our client’s branding through Social Media Management and attracted such a passionate and engaged audience!”

– Social Geeks Creative Team


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