Hi, I’m Kyle (Chief Geek) 👋

I started my journey as a digital marketer and launching my own agency because I hated my corporate job in Sydney.

I felt like I had no control over my life. I was slaving away in a job that I didn’t feel passionate about, and I wanted to at least feel like I was making a difference in the world.

In 2016, I was determined to take control and decided to risk it all to start an online socially conscious business in the finance industry.  My mission was to start an online bank that donated profits to charities chosen by customers.

If you know anything about Australian Finance regulations, you’ll know that this was not an easy task.  Needless to say, after investing my life savings into the business and a year of hard work, things were not going anywhere fast.  The license fees and insurance alone was enough to sink the ship; before I had a chance to even open the doors.

Little did I know, but this journey was only just beginning. I spent the year building websites on the side for friends and old clients of mine to pay my way.  I got certified in Google Ads to help them advertise their new websites. I leaned on my marketing and web development experience to freelance while I continued the full-time focus to launch a bank.

Despite my best efforts, the banking business failed, leaving me feeling deflated.  I felt that this was the only way that I would be able to make the impact I wanted to see in the world.  

However, that was so far from the truth!  I learned so much from this and it led to building up a full marketing agency.


From Failure Comes Growth

All the skills I learned along the way were invaluable to any business.  I learned so much about web development by having to code my own website and app.  I got to apply my marketing degree like I had never had to before in my career; working for a startup small business was the best lesson I could have learned.

I was determined to learn from this experience and use my newfound knowledge to help others achieve their business goals.

Since I had studied digital marketing and strategy, and had become an expert in developing and launching e-commerce websites, managing Google Advertising campaigns, and Facebook Ads, I began offering this to Australian businesses.

Within the next 12 months, I was able to help dozens of his clients scale their businesses to over a million dollars per year in revenue.  

Today, I have grown my business to have hired a team of marketing experts and use our skills to help sustainable and ethical businesses in Australia grow and make a positive impact on the environment, his community, and the planet.

I am so proud of the difference we are making, and the journey I took to get here.  Social Geeks has grown it’s team and collectively brought in over $20 million in sales.

With our constantly changing world, it is my mission to help as many socially conscious businesses succeed online as much as I possibly can – from websites, digital content, advertising, social media and more!

The Social Geeks Agency started up in 2016 and since its humble beginnings, continued to be competitive in the digital marketing industry, in order to deliver the best results and outputs to our clients. 


How The Geeks Can Help

Our team of marketing geeks are here to help you avoid costly mistakes and be smart with your marketing.

Our Mission

Social Geeks is dedicated to help socially conscious companies drive long-term growth through outstanding digital strategy, kick-ass creative, content marketing, and advertising services.

Our Vision

Social Geeks is a leading digital marketing agency that works with environmentally friendly and ethical businesses to promote a better future and a healthy planet.  We use bleeding edge technology to implement solid marketing campaigns for our eco-clients!


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