5 Ways To Use AI In Your Real Estate Business

5 Ways To Use AI In Your Real Estate Business

If you’re struggling to keep up with the day-to-day messages, emails, and all the hustle of getting back to customers and inquiries, you’re not alone. Chances are, you’ve considered hiring a virtual assistant or adding someone to your team, but the costs seem exponentially high. Maybe you’re also struggling to get content out, which is crucial for your business but time-consuming. This is especially true for industries like real estate, where you’re constantly bombarded with messages and emails.

Real estate is a field where updating your audience with market trends, listing new properties, and sharing properties you’ve sold is vital. Managing these tasks is a lot of work for one person. Additionally, hiring a sales and marketing person can cost five to six figures annually, plus the weeks or months needed to train them. What’s worse? After spending thousands of dollars and countless hours training new hires, they might leave for another opportunity or personal reasons. Managing people is one of the toughest parts of running any business, whether they are customers or staff.

Now, AI is stepping in to help us save time and money while providing better service to our customers. I’m Kyle from Social Geeks Digital Agency, and in this blog post, I’ll talk about five ways you can immediately train up an AI assistant to help streamline your real estate business.

 1. Use AI to Handle Customer Inquiries

One of the fastest ways to free up your time is by using AI assistants like AI Real Estate to manage customer inquiries. These tools can handle inquiries on various platforms—Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and live chat on your website. By training up an AI assistant on your listings, open home details, and general business information, you’ll ensure customer inquiries are answered promptly, freeing you to focus on higher-level tasks.

 2. AI for Content Creation

AI can act like a team member, helping you with creative ideas and content planning. Start by using AI to identify your ideal customer persona—understanding their pain points and goals. Once you have this in place, define the key messages you’d like to deliver, such as market updates, newly signed properties, or recently sold properties.

Use tools like Canva, which comes with a full suite of AI features, to plan and craft your content. Batch your content for the month and schedule posts across all platforms using tools like AI Real Estate. This approach ensures a consistent and engaging online presence.

 3. Video Content Creation

Video content is crucial for building rapport with your audience. AI tools can help you write scripts and edit videos. Descript, an AI-powered editing platform, can automate many aspects of video editing, including cutting fillers and outtakes, and suggesting short-form clips from long-form content. By incorporating video into your strategy, you build your brand awareness and connect more personally with your audience.

 4. AI for Appointment Setting

Setting appointments is another task AI can streamline. An AI assistant can manage the entire process—from answering basic questions and qualifying leads to booking sales calls. By using an online calendar booking tool, AI ensures that potential clients are quickly and effectively moved through your sales funnel, booking appointments with you at their convenience.

 5. Automated Workflows

AI can also help automate workflows and processes within your business. For instance, when a new client signs a listing agreement, an AI assistant can draft content and send it out for approval. You can automate the creation of property descriptions, headlines, and even stage property images digitally. AI platforms can send these drafts to your team and notify photographers or videographers, thus streamlining the entire listing process.

Automated workflows mean that as soon as a property is ready to be listed, all necessary content is generated and disseminated automatically. This saves you time and ensures that your marketing materials are consistently high-quality and on-brand.


AI automation is a game-changer for small businesses, particularly in fast-paced industries like real estate. With AI assistants handling customer service, marketing, video editing, appointment setting, and workflow automation, you can significantly reduce your workload and costs. These tools enable you to be available 24/7, providing top-notch service to your customers without the need for a large team.

AI will not replace the workforce but will enhance the capabilities of those who adopt it. It provides a unique opportunity to surpass competitors who are slower to embrace this technology.

If you’re interested in how AI can transform your real estate business, consider joining our waitlist for the AI Real Estate platform. We are launching soon, and we want you to be among the first to experience these innovative tools.

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