Preparing For The Holiday Season – 5 Tips For Your Marketing

The holiday season is always a great time to market your business.   That said,competition is always going to be rampant during the holiday period so it’s important to make sure that you think through your marketing strategy that they stand out from the crowd.  

Here are 5 ways to help you to plan out your holiday season marketing.

Create a Holiday offer – packages, gift cards or holiday specials

So many of our clients think that the holiday period isn’t something that they can capitalise on.   They might be accountants or counsellors or selling health supplements online.Yet I guarantee if you thought about it, each of those Industries could help their customers through the holiday period.    an accountant could help their clients with personal budgets to help them from overspending through the holiday period.accounts that could offer additional a package rate on sessions to help their clients deal with holiday stress and anxiety.   For health supplements,you could offer helpful articles on suppliments that help with over-eating, binge drinking or even bundle an offer for the “New Year, new me” crowd.

If you’re struggling to think of a holiday offer, can you utilise gift cards or some form of gift promotion that would work well?   Could you bundle some of your best selling products into a package that works well as a gift basket?could you offer services in a way that would assist people through the holiday period?

Cross-selling – how can you increase your average sale value?

A lot of business owners forget to upsell or cross sell their services and products.   Considering that most consumers find holiday shopping incredibly stressful,it can be very helpful to offer add-on presents for a loved one or partner that they can gift.   For example,when I’m purchasing self-care items for myself,if I was up sold A beauty package or a gift package for her I might jump on that offer as it takes the stress out of me trying to find something for my wife for Christmas!   Remember that the holiday season is a time where gift buying is the game and if you’re offering great products or services in your checkout process you can easily increase sales.

A great way to add this into your sales funnel is to have a step-up offer at the thank-you page for the order confirmation page of your website.   Another one might be pop-ups on the service and product page of your website that mentions special promotion or free gift or an add-on service that is reduced in price when they purchase the product they are looking at.

Offering gift cards in your checkout process can be a simple yet effective way to help increase your sales and attract new customers.

Nurture your existing customers

Your customers should be a big part of your marketing plan.   Since they already have exposure with your business and your services or products,  they should trust you and be open to any new offers you have.Create an exclusive offer for your customers to show you care about them and value their business.  You wouldn’t be around without their love, so show them some holiday love!

Think about the ways that you can reach out to your existing customers to offer them solutions to help them through the crazy holiday period.  Whether it’s a nurturing, educational or a sellingcampaign, providing your existing customers with value leading into the peak season can be a fantastic strategy.  Studies show that it’s much easier to sell to your existing customers than to sell to new ideas.

Lastly, if you don’t feel that you can sell to your existing customers then perhaps look at ways that you can set up a referral program or affiliate system to let them sell your business to their network.   With good incentivesand the right motivation,you’re customers can become a powerful sales team that help you grow and expand your business.

Review your website; relevant search terms for the holiday period

The most surprising thing I’ve seen in my years of working in our own digital marketing agency is how common it is for business owners to neglect their own websites!   Whenever we build a website or consult with a new client we always recommend to blog regularly and update your content as new offers and seasons and trends are emerging in your industry.    this is especially important during the holiday season on people are searching far more for seasonal topics and trends.

Why not take it time to look through your website and make sure that it’s all updated for seasonal trends and keywords that your target market  may be searching?

It’s important to your website and make sure that any special offers are listed clearly on your homepage in above the fold as that’s generally we’re most of us will bounce;  so make sure your strongest offers are seen first!  

We recommend trying to create blog articles that are tailored for the holiday season;   if you’re selling products online, start creating articles around gift ideas.If you’re selling services start creating articles that are related to the holiday season for your industry – just like this article!  The holiday season can be a very stressful courier from many businesses and individuals,so if you can alleviate some of that stress for your target market talk to how you can do that.

Pro Tip: use Google search console to see what people are searching and Google Ads keyword planner to look through seasonal trends and then create landing pages and product pages on your website that can help capture those searches.

Create a marketing plan for the holidays

The holiday season is generally one of the busiest periods of the year for most businesses.   taking a few hours to create a marketing plan is an excellent idea.   

The way that we structure our marketing plan is generally to start with your goals; these can be targets for monthly revenue, sales, lead generation, website visitors etc.   Once you have a list of goals that you’re trying to achieve, list down any marketing opportunities and key dates.These can be your own marketing assets like your influencers, lead magnets, best selling products + upsell/cross-sell opportunities, or new opportunities like bundle deals, mystery boxes or new promotions to test.  List down the key dates you feel would be good opportunities like Black Friday/Cyber Monday, Christmas Eve, Boxing Day or New Years.

Once you have a high-level outline of your goals and opportunities to use in your marketing, it’s time to think about the way you will market or advertise.

  • what channels are you going to be at marketing your business through?
  • What content do you need to prepare for your campaigns?
  • Do you want to test different offers/ideas/promotions?
  • Who will be responsible for what activities?  I.e. graphic design, content writing, advertising

Once you’ve gotten this done, it’s time to put it down on your calendar.  Create a timeline for when you will be preparing content and graphics, when you will have your holiday offers ready to promote on your website, when you will be sending out your emails to existing customers and when you will be starting your advertising.  

Tis the Season!

We hope that you’ve got a lot of value from this article and from all of us that make honey digital agency we wish you a very happy holiday season.   As a special gift to all of our readers,we are offering free advertising and website audits to help you plan out your holiday season marketing. Click the button below to get started!


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