Black Friday Recommendations from a Digital Marketer

Black Friday is not too far away. And generally starts super early. It’s like Christmas. You guys probably have noticed this as well. Christmas seems to start in September now.

Is that just me? I see it everywhere.

There’s Christmas carols, there’s trees up. It’s happening so early. So for small businesses and online businesses, it’s very important to have a holiday plan leading up to Black Friday.

Here are our Black Friday 2022 Recommendations from a Digital Marketer

1. Start with a Campaign Idea

What I recommend is putting together a campaign idea. What is it that you’re looking to do? What products do you want to sell? What services do you wanna promote?

Do you want to do a discount? Do you want to win back your previous customers or you looking to acquire new customers?

Setting a goal, setting a target, and having a clear idea of what you wanna achieve is a great place to

2. Set Your Campaign Objectives, Goals and Target Market

Who do you wanna speak to as well? Is it gonna be new customers? Are you trying something new and promote a new product, or you trying to just scale up and get more customers for the products that you are known and loved for? I think that once you’ve got an idea , it’s great to of put together your campaign.

3. Create a Promotion

If you’re struggling for ideas, A good place to start is to put together a bundle of different products that you might sell.

Trying to increase the average order value is a great way to run a promotion. I’ve seen a lot of promotions recently that are doing. For example, spend a hundred dollars, get 10% off, spend $200, get off, spend $300, get 30% off, and that could work really well for some if you have products and services that could be potentially used as a Christmas gift.

4. Create Gift Guides

Now is a great time to put together some gift guides as well where you can start teasing this content out via email marketing or social media to try to attract people who are looking for gifts for their loved ones.

It’s really important to play around with different content and gift guides are If you’re looking to put something together for Black Friday, think about how you can use gift guides in the equation.

Gift guides are great because you can sell your products, but you’re trying to do that in a way that’s not too “salesy”.

Gift guides also help with your SEO, and you can use these for your email marketing, for your social media, even for your paid ads.

Blogs work really well at getting high click through rates because they don’t look like ads, they look like what you’re searching for on Google.

What Channels Are Best For Your Black Friday Promotion

Once you’ve got a bit of a rough idea of what you want to promote, what discounts you wanna offer, what products you want to bundle, the next thing you want to think about is how you’re gonna promote. And you wanna look at which channels you’re gonna be reaching your audience on.

The first place I like to think of is your website.

Are you gonna put up a banner on your homepage? Are you gonna put popups so that those capture people’s attention? Are you trying to get people to take a certain action? Will you design a landing page that’s specific to this Black Friday deal? You need to think about how you can start promoting this on your website.

Additionally, an email strategy would be good because you can hopefully win back lapse customers who haven’t bought with you for a while. Everybody’s looking for a discount right now because of the rising cost of living that we’re seeing in the world. Unfortunately people are very conscious about how they’re spending their money, so give them a great reason why they should buy with you again.

You also wanna be looking at how you’re gonna tease things in your social media and which channels you’re gonna put this on. Are you gonna need to create videos? Are you gonna need to create new images? Are you gonna need to put together new banners? You need to think about how you’re gonna get that content created and start.

Generally, you’ll need at least two weeks to go into that content creation mode, to come up with the ideas, create the content, and get that all ready for your promotion.

Another channel that you might wanna think about is looking at doing guest articles or getting influencers to talk about your offer. If there’s anybody in your network or influences that you’ve worked with in the past, reach out to them. See if they keen to do something again for Black Friday.

Get Your Timelines Set for your Black Friday Promotion

Once you’ve figured out the channels that you’re wanting to promote your offers on, it’s really all about your timelines.

Your timelines are super important because you need to give yourself enough time to get the promotion ready. You need to have your promo codes ready, your graphics designed, your videos done, and all of the above.

I generally try to recommend getting things ready before the 1st of November. If you get your content done before then it means that you’re well prepared to get things out there. And Black Friday, it’s on the 26th of November, so that’s three weeks at least for you to promote and get things ramped.

Even if you’re going on sale on the day of Black Friday, it’s still important to talk about it beforehand. So you’re not just catching people off guard. You can do it as a surprise. You could just do it as emails only to your customers or your VIP list to keep it super exclusive. Whichever way you’re doing it though, you do want to tease that in. You do want to give people the inclination that it’s coming.

Another thing that we’ve been dabbling with recently is sending out calendar invites to customers so that they can set this into their calendar.

It can say, “Black Friday sale coming up!” then add a coupon code that they could use on the day of Black Friday. Make it super easy for your customers to be able to go through that and buy. You don’t want to add any friction to the process and you want to win back lapse customers.

It’s a great way to doing. And to be honest with that timeline, a lot of people are experimenting. They’re stretching things out. They might not put their stuff on sale on Black Friday. They might actually do it two weeks in advance, or they might do it from the 1st of November. You can play around with these things.

A great way to test it is through your email marketing list. You can send things out to a small segment of your previous customers and see when are people of buying the most and just trying that out as well. So you could, whenever you’re doing your newsletters, if you’re doing it every week, that’s awesome.

Then you want to be testing, maybe split testing a small segment, do your usual newsletter and then try, Hey, we’re doing the Black Friday sale. Here’s the code. And each week you’ll be able to measure is that conversion rate going up? Are more and more people buying?

And you can bring forward your Black Friday promotions. If you are seeing that a week before people are already buying like crazy, give them the discount, get it out there. Like why not? So you can test that through your email marketing through split testing as well.

Run Your Black Friday Past Cyber Monday

A lot of retailers are going all the way to the end of November, so why not? If you’re seeing the sales and you want to squeeze as much juice out of those berries as you can. You can extend the offer all the way up to the end of November as well. So those are just a few of the tips that we’re recommending for Black Friday.

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