4 Google Performance Max Benefits You Need to Know

Social Geeks Blog 4 Google Performance Max Benefits You Need to Know

You might have heard word spreading about Google’s latest ad offering, but do you know why your business should be using it or why it can serve your search engine marketing (SEM) strategy better than what’s worked well in the past? 

First, let’s all get on the same page with Google’s Performance Max campaigns:

What Is Google’s Performance Max?

Performance Max is an ad campaign type that allows you to create a single campaign to promote your products across all of Google’s advertising channels. Performance Max uses machine learning for the creation and optimization of automated digital ads that meet a company’s specific goals and which discover a brand’s customers wherever they happen to be on the web. 

By uploading your creative assets, including images, videos, copy and other items into an asset bank, Performance Max can create various ad formats and optimize ads for you. Then, those ads are served to your audiences anywhere they need to be reached, all based on your goals and the data you provided when you built the campaign. 

What are the 4 benefits of Performance Max campaigns?

Benefit 1: Unlock new audiences across Google’s channels & networks

You customize the goals that matter to your business and maximize conversions or conversion value. Performance Max allows you to engage customers across Google’s channels.

With Google’s real-time understanding of consumer intents and preferences, paired with your input using audience signals, Performance Max can unlock new customer segments you may not have expected.

Benefit 2:  Faster results

Performance Max automates a lot of the time-consuming, manual work of setting up a campaign across different platform options. Because the AI can optimize your ads and automatically target audiences with terrific accuracy, this automated campaign type will deliver even more bang for your budget.

Benefit 3: Drive better performance against your goals

Data-driven attribution across channels optimizes for the most incremental touchpoints that drive customers to conversion. Machine learning models are used to make more accurate predictions about which ads, audiences, and creative combinations perform best for you.

Benefit 4:  Simplify campaign management and easily optimize our ads

Easily the best feature of Google Performance Max — letting AI machine-learning do all the heavy-lifting. You set up the ad and you can focus on testing the audiences and testing your creatives.

By creatives, I mean images, videos and text so you don’t need to worry about the keywords. All you need to do is to focus on the creative and you can spend more valuable time thinking about how you can improve your videos and images. So you need to have good photos, good quality videos and you will find that Performance Max is going to push you towards improving yourself and your creatives.

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