Use Google Analytics to Create Your Customer Personas

Businesses often pay large sums of money to brand agencies to assist them in developing customer profiles. To gather the data they require, businesses spend a significant amount of time and effort surveying consumers and analyzing their answers. It’s critical to develop consumer profiles not only because you need to know who your consumers are, but also because it allows you to provide better service and support.

Customer profiles can be extremely beneficial for both merchants and consumers. Customer profiles may also assist you market to customers more effectively and efficiently. What if I told you that you didn’t have to spend a cent on obtaining this information? The following are five methods for getting data into Google Analytics to construct customer profiles:

In Google Analytics, there are several types of customer segments.

Analytics is a wonderful tool. When you learn more about your customer base by delving into demographic segments, you may discover important data and target future consumers better.

In this article, we’ll look at five parts of your Google Analytics profile that may be used to create customer profiles.

  1. Demographics report
  2. Interests
  3. Location
  4. Search queries
  5. User flow

Demographics Report

You can use your GA tracking code to access a wealth of valuable information about your customers, such as age and gender, if you include a simple line of code. You may also see how many visitors are in each category and what proportion of your traffic they represent.

Insights into audience demographics might assist you in determining which subsets of the population are your target clients and developing your ideal customer profile.


You may find out about other interests your website’s users have in addition to basic demographics data.Categories include:

  • Technophiles
  • TV Lovers
  • Business Professionals
  • Travel Buffs
  • News/Weather
  • Arts & Entertainment

This insight can help you better understand your users’ interests and where they go for news and entertainment, which is critical to developing your consumer profile.


You may see which city, state, and even country your visitors originate from by visiting the analytics page. This might assist you understand where your consumers are coming from. This is helpful for local based content marketing – if 50% of your traffic comes from Sydney, you can create content specifically talking about Sydney based topics.

Search Queries

Even if Google has been hiding keyword level data from us, you can still obtain a good sense of how people search for you. You may examine the number of impressions and clicks for various keywords that visitors use to get to your company under Acquisitions > Search Engine > Queries. The outcomes for queries you rank for might surprise you. They can also tell you what your visitors are searching for when they find you.

User Flow

You can see how people are navigating your site. This may assist you in better comprehending their purchasing procedure and which pages they visit before deciding to buy. You may also examine the attribution report to determine how many times users arrive at your site and from what sources before converting. This is only the beginning of what you can discover in Google Analytics about your users to create a customer profile. It’s not necessary to survey your clients and search for data; it’s all accessible free in your Analytics account!

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