How to Practice Work-life Balance While at Home

Maintaining a work-life balance at home is a bit harder than we thought — it’s a blur as to what others say. Now that technology made it possible for workers to work around the clock, the never-ending workday causes too much stress to everyone. It can hurt relationships, health, and overall happiness. 

So before it ruins your overall happiness, here are some tips from health and career experts to help you find the balance that is right for you because this is something different to every individual.

Prioritise your time
How do you manage your time? Your tasks? For most successful people, they use the Eisenhower Matrix to help them decide what to prioritize on a daily basis. This how it works:

Not urgent
Not important
Not important
Not urgent

Every quadrant classifies your daily activities according to two parameters: Level of urgency and level of importance.

  • Quadrant I: Crisis, deadlines, and problems
  • Quadrant II: Relationships, planning, and recreations
  • Quadrant III: Interruptions, meetings, and activities
  • Quadrant IV: Time wasters, pleasant activities, and  trivia

Know your peaks and troughs

Are you a night owl or an early bird? Once you have identified your peak time of day, you can adjust your workday to make the most of it! But this requires a serious period of self-reflection. Most probably, you already are aware of the times of day when you aren’t productive, so start there. If you barely drag yourself in the morning, only to stare blankly at your screen, you can already say that morning is not your peak time. 

You can also take a look at your daily schedule. Are there certain times of day when you feel as though you can finish all your tasks? Are there other times when you’re forcing yourself to stay awake? This may take a few weeks, but if you pay close attention to your behaviour, you can definitely determine this in no time!

Set up your workspace

Set up your workspace in a comfortable way. There are several factors that you need to consider: location, lighting, noise level, and physical comfort. Choose a spot that is clean, quiet, and with minimal distractions. Make sure your chair is comfortable, comfortable enough that you’ll feel relax whenever you need to take a break and will not cause back pain. Organize your desk by displaying framed photos, fixing your work materials, and add some greeny stuff! A couple of plants to your workspace can help soothe and lower stress levels. Your physical surroundings can create a great impact in your work mindset.

Limit time-wasting activities

Determined what needs to be trimmed from your schedule. You must establish rules to keep you on track, If you think, email or internet surfing is wasting your time, you must consider in trimming this to your schedule. This means you have to turn off your email and Facebook notifications. 

Have some ‘Me-time’

When you say ‘me-time’ it means doing something you love with without any distractions. You’re focusing on yourself. Whether it’s home-workout, meditating, binge-session of your favourite show, read a book or take a long relaxing bath, this is the best time to reset and recharge.

 Also, make a point of getting up and stretching every 20 minutes, It will help you become clearer, more focused and more productive.

Start small. Build from there.

According to Robert Brooks, a professor of Psychology at Harvard Medical School, “If we’re trying to change a certain script in our life, start small and experience some success. Build from there.”

Many of us workaholic, we want to commit drastic changes: cutting hour working hours for 80hrs a week to 40, our daily run from zero miles a day to five miles a day. This is already a recipe for failure. Start from small. If you want yo cut your hours, cut 5 hours on the first week, then 10 hrs, up to 40 hrs. If you want to run, run 2 miles a day on your first week and eventually add per week. 


Having a work-life balance at home can be really blurry, you have to start from scratch. Testing yourself and reflecting on those will eventually help you balance out your work and life, especially if you’re used to working in the office. 

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