7 Work From Home Habits You Should Avoid

For some, working from home is a privilege. Some of the things people enjoy about the remote work setup is not having to commute to work, wearing whatever they want, having control of their time, among others. However, we get so comfortable working from home that we forget to manage important things like sleep, eating and hygiene. So to save you from that, we compiled seven bad habits you should avoid while working from home.

1. Poor Time Management

Who said working gives you a lot of free time? In fact, you’re forced to juggle work and household chores. How do you manage these two? That is one common challenge. But there’s a way to manage this: you need to limit your working hours. Know your boundaries — when your work is and when your time outside of work is. 

Another time management issue about working from home is the tendency to slack off, and then ultimately get overwhelmed when you’re scrambling to get back on top of things. The key to this is creating a to-do list so you can keep track of your progress and motivate you to get those checklists ticked.

2. Poor Sleeping Habits

Many work from home setups allow you to work anytime you want, and that means sleeping anytime you want. Even so, it’s important to still have good sleeping habits. According to the National Institute of Health, irregular sleeping habits are linked to a lot of health problems physically and mentally, so it’s advisable to have regular sleep. Not just that, according to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, it is advisable for adults to sleep 7 to 8 straight hours of sleep. So set a schedule for work where you can have enough sleep, and you can sleep and wake up on a consistent time.

3. Bad Eating Habits

In the office, there’s a fixed schedule for lunch time. But that’s not the case for the work from home set-up. You have the choice when to eat or take a break, and that can be a problem. Some people tend to get in the zone that they forget to eat on time. That happens to us! Some even work and eat at the same time, and that’s also a problem, and that deprives you of a healthy break away from the screen. Another scenario is some people eat too much snacks while working, usually chips and other unhealthy snacks, so you mightgain weight, and short-lived energy boosts. We recommend you to set an alarm for your lunch and dinner breaks so you can stay consistent with your eating schedule, and eat healthy food to avoid health-related issues.

4, Lack of Hygiene

One of the perks of working from home is being able to wear what you want. Like anything, even nothing (kidding!) But did you know that it could also affect productivity? There’s this phenomenon called “enclothed cognition” where you display a certain performance/productivity depending on what you wear. So wearing too comfy clothes may affect your productivity. Also, when we get too focused at work, we forget to take a bath or groom yourself. (Guilty?) So look after yourself and don’t forget to change!

5. Forgetting Social Life

A lot of remote workers experience lack of social life because they get isolated from the world. Whether you work at home or in a cafe, you don’t have officemates that you see regularly. Having no social life causes psychosocial problems, and you definitely don’t want that. If you have a flexible working schedule, take the opportunity to adjust your working hours in a way that your free time matches with your friends. Plan a meet-up. Even just a short catch-up will do. If your work is not flexible, try allotting the weekends to go out and bond with your friends and family.

7. Overworking

One of the common complaints that remote workers say is that they can’t completely “switch off” work. Opening emails during bedtime, working ‘til 12 midnight or even during weekends are just some of the unhealthy habits that remote workers tend to practice. You may feel like you’re very productive, or that your team appreciates your proactiveness, but it could take a toll on your health when you don’t give yourself some time to take a break from everything. You want to avoid getting burned out.


Working from home has a lot of perks, but when we do it the wrong way, it can result in bad consequences regarding our physical, psychosocial, and mental health. Look after yourself and avoid these bad habits so you can make the most out of the remote work setup and ultimately, become productive.
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