4 Tips On Choosing The Best Content To Share On Social Media

How do you know which social media platform is good for your business? Does that platform have the right audience to increase your followers and engagement? Is it the best in terms of turning your viewers into subscribers, loyal fans and paying customers? 

Whether you’re posting on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn, you have to choose the best content to share because it can make or break the way your brand is perceived. You need to post fresh and exciting content every day to keep your audience engaged and entertained. It can be a daunting and time-consuming task to create this quality content. We’ve listed down the things you need to consider when choosing the best content for your social media, plus things you should be aware of!

#1 Know Your Audience

Start with the basics: age, gender, occupation, interests, challenges and frustrations your audience might have that your business will help them to solve. A solid understanding of your audience will help you create and gather the most effective content. Keep in mind the purpose of your business and the kind of content you will be sharing. This strategy helped many companies in strengthening their brand loyalty and their overall customer experience, ultimately leading to referrals and repeat business.

#2 Look For High-Quality Sources

Make sure that every link you share comes from a reliable source. Evaluate potential links based on credibility, accuracy and appeal. You might need to read more articles than expected so prepare to spend a decent amount of time researching.

Avoid sharing pages that have an excessive number of ads, this can easily overwhelm or irritate readers. Be your own filter, if you can’t find what you’re looking for, try using different search terms, SEO or websites. If that doesn’t work, you may need to rethink your topic or adjust your strategy.

#3 Share Only Relevant and Timely Content

Take advantage of trendy topics. Before you share something on your social media, ask these following questions to yourself:

  • Is the post speaking to your audience’s interests? Give them something they’re interested in.
  • Is the post up to date and relevant to current trendy topics? If yes, post it!
  • Is the post appropriate for this time of the year? No one want’s to read holiday gift ideas in the wrong season. 

Once you get to know your audience better, it’ll be easier to choose the best content to share.

#4 Focus On Your Audience, A Little On You

The best content to share is something people would want to share and will make them remember you. Your content calendar should include a healthy amount of self-promotion to remind your audience that you’re there to provide a service and not just sharing great content.

You can create an 80/20 split — 80% of your content is helpful and industry-adjacent and the other 20% is promoting your business. Also, you can try to link specific pages on your websites like a signup or landing page

Bonus Tip! Be aware of the following:

  1. Think twice before sharing links – Ask yourself: What’s the point? Does it add value? Is it necessary? 
  2. Be conscious of paywalls – These are interesting headlines that lead to blocked content that requires a subscription.
  3. Do not overwhelm or underwhelm your audience – You don’t need to post multiple times a day nor once a month. Find a balanced way and be consistent.


Take advantage of what each social network gives you. Choose a content that will lift you above the noise and will help you strengthen your relationship with your audiences/customers. Learn how you’ll customize your content to fit your identity. Create a content value and consistency will turn your audience into engaged followers.

Choosing the best content to share on social media is just one part of having a social media strategy. If you still need help, we’re here for you! book a FREE consultation with us! We’d be happy to help you grow in your social media presence. 

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