Marketing Tips for Business Owners

Most business owners define marketing as the heart of their business because it determines if the business will be successful or not. Meaning, without marketing, your business will be lifeless and is likely to close down due to lack of sales. Marketing is a tool used to create and maintain demand, relevance/connection, reputation, competition and more. 

As time goes by, marketing changes rapidly because aside from wanting a better approach, consumer tastes are constantly changing. So whether you’ve been in business for 3 months or 30 years, there is always room for improvement. Here’s a list of small business marketing tips to give you a competitive edge.

Know Your Audience

When considering marketing ideas whether if it’s for a small or large business, think about your audience. Answer these questions:

  1. Who are they?
  2. What do they do?
  3. How can you help them?

One of the great ways to define your audience in terms of demographics, responsibilities and interests is the Buyers Persona — this will give you a target and direction. Also, you can use these personas to segment your list and better personalize your sales and marketing messages.

Keep Your Content on Point!

Once you’ve known your audience, it’ll be easier to create relevant and valuable content. The goal is to reach your audience on a more personal level. Show that you understand and care about their wants and needs. 

Instead of pushing your product, focus on providing insight and information, and you can even add entertainment. Believe it or not, this kind of approach is a much more effective means of guiding prospects along the buyer’s journey.

Boost Up Your Social Media Content

Social Media algorithms are constantly evolving. Oftentimes, these changes mean its harder to gain traction organically. That’s why there’s paid advertisements and boosted posts because it’ll help level the playing field.

In reality, paid ads are expected to generate over $18 billion in revenue in 2019. 76% of B2C content marketers in North America used promoted posts in 2016, with 61% reporting these posts were effective. Social ads ranked slightly lower, with 74% of B2C marketers using them and 59% them effective.

If you need a quick guide for social advertising, these links are a great place to start:

Show Instead of Telling

As we move into the future, visual content continues to grow in popularity. When you’re brainstorming business marketing ideas, always consider video. As of today, 24% of businesses publish a new video every week and Facebook is the most popular channel for businesses, second is Youtube, and third is Instagram. So if you want to be on the cutting edge of visual content, try moving out from behind your keyboard and step in front of the camera. 

But… before you pick out your camera or choose a topic for your video, you need to figure out which platform your video should be published. How? Here are two things to take into account:

  1. Where does your audience hang out?
  2. Are there lots of competition?

Lastly, you also want to edit your video content to maximize engagement. Here are a few key principles that you can use to boost engagement:

  • Keep things moving
  • Use transitions and graphics
  • Use CTA’s
  • Don’t make it too “salesy”

Monitor Your Online Reviews

Consumers have lots of power now with online reviews, making them more important than ever. This can feel overwhelming for businesses, but online reviews are also an excellent source of referrals.

If you’ll see a negative review, don’t panic. Respond the best you can by not provoking an already unhappy customer. Always remember that you can’t please everyone all the time, so focus on building loyalty. If you’re doing a good job, eventually that negative review will be just a blip on your positive review radar.

Lastly, be sure you’re not only monitoring online reviews but asking for them as well. This can gain a relationship with your customers.

Embrace Marketing Automation

Let’s face it, no matter how hard we all try, we can’t do it all. Most of us feel overwhelmed by the responsibilities that could easily be delegated and automated for efficiency. When your business starts to suffer, it’s time to reassess your plan.

According to Hubspot, marketing automation is all about using software to automate marketing activities such as email marketing, social media posting, and even ad campaigns. Marketing Automation is not just for the sake of efficiency, but also, they can provide a more personalized experience for their customer — it can help you make the most of every customer interaction. This means identifying leads, putting sales-ready leads on the fast track to conversion, follow up the unprecedented efficiency and do it all automatically.

The Bottomline

We hope that these six business marketing tips will help you keep your business running in tip-top shape. Remember that these are just guides, do not limit yourself to only these ideas. Keep thinking about your business and customers as both of them change, grow, and evolve over the years. You’ll always find new and unique ways to improve your strategy and your bottom line is if you keep your eyes open.
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