Introduction to Content Marketing

“Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue.” – Andrew Davis

With all the noise everywhere, both online and offline, many of us are feeling overwhelmed with all the information we’re receiving. There are so many products and services being offered to us from all over the world.  The increase in global availability has sky rocketed, and so has  the competition for the attention of us as potential customers.  Never more than now has our attention been more precious to marketers, but never has it been easier to generate revenue from that attention. Over time, marketing has evolved massively, and one form of marketing is especially effective nowadays in a very noisy world: content marketing.

Our amazing team at Maple & Honey use content marketing heavily, so we thought of writing about our favourite marketing tactic. 

What is Content Marketing

According to the Content Marketing Institute, content marketing is a marketing approach that creates and distributes valuable, relevant, and consistent content to the audience to get their attention and ultimately, convince them to take a profitable customer action. These are the three key properties of a great content, most especially value.  In an age of information abundance, we need to find content that provides us value.  It’s what sets content marketing apart from traditional marketing — good content marketing attracts people into your brand and use it to improve their lives, rather than throw it away in the mail. 

So why is content marketing important? First, content marketing educates your audience about your brand; about your products and services. Second, it connects you with your audience, informing them how your products or services solve their problems. Third, it builds relationships between you and your audience. Lastly, it leads to conversions. Whether it be downloading an ebook, purchasing a product or subscribing to a Youtube Channel, content marketing encourages your audience to take a profitable action. 

5 Ways to Do Content Marketing

There are several types of content marketing, and the list can be endless when you get creative with it. But for this blog, we’ll be listing down the most common content marketing tactics you probably already encountered but should know more about!

1. Social Media

This is really a no-brainer.  Probably the most utilized of all because almost everyone is online, social media content marketing provides a big opportunity for you to publish content and connect with your audience. It’s meeting where they are. There are a lot of types of content you can use in social media: status updates/tweets, photos, videos, and stories. 

Your content strategy should be different across social media platforms. For example, you use images on Instagram, and you may even want to maintain a curated feed like ours, @socialgeeksaustralia. On Twitter, you have a limited number of characters for every tweet, so every tweet should be well thought of.  For LinkedIn, be consistent with professional and informative content. 

2. Blog 

Blogs are a very powerful type of content. It’s within your website, so it drives traffic to your website, increasing their chances of your audience to take a profitable action. However, publishing blog articles entails a more intensive strategy. You don’t simply write blogs without having your audience in mind. You research for blog topics by looking at keywords that your audience looks for. To learn how to effectively write blog articles, you may learn more here.

3. Video

Video content marketing is a growing marketing tactic that a lot of brands and individuals utilize. Who wouldn’t if you know you can make money out of simply achieving a certain number of subscribers on YouTube? But more than monetization, video content marketing also drives revenue and builds relationships through a very interactive approach. Types of video marketing content include vlogs, webinars, livestreams and commercial ads.

4. Podcast

Podcast content marketing is another growing opportunity for brands to share valuable content.  I personally listen to over 3 hours of podcasts a day and listen to them at 3x the normal speed.  Sure you probably think I’m crazy, but I like to think I learn 3x faster than everyone else!  It’s very convenient for the audience to consume because listening to podcasts can be done anywhere: while relaxing, driving, running, and all other activities. From brand awareness to conversions, brands can utilize podcasts to promote their products and services.

5. Infographics

An Infographic is usually a long vertical visual explanation of a topic through graphs, statistics, and other information. It should be easy to understand and very visual. It’s a great way to communicate content that is educational or complex. You usually publish infographics in blogs, Pinterest, and other image-based platforms. And like any other content, they can be converted to paid ads.  They also rank well on Google image search and can be a great boost to your SEO if hyperlinked well.

In our next blogs, we’ll be discussing ways of doing content marketing more in-depth so stay tuned!

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