#DigitalIsTheNewNormal: Why Your Business Need Its Own Website

The Covid-19 Pandemic has affected many lives. The impact of the virus on people’s physical and mental health is undeniable. It has also greatly affected the world economies. And as much as big companies are suffering, with all the layoffs and cost-cutting strategies, small businesses were greatly affected too mainly because of the lockdown. Supply chain was disrupted, brick-and-mortar stores were forced to close, and sales dropped significantly. 

The situation prompted a lot of companies to shift to remote working. The same goes for small businesses. Fortunately, the situation in Australia is improving, and grants are being given to support small businesses.But the world is not yet spared from the effects of the pandemic. It’s still unsafe outside, going back to the stores is still regulated, and job security is still a major question.

A “new normal” is definitely coming. What is the new normal? It’s constantly being cautious about our health and safety. And for businesses, a call to innovate its operations to keep employees and customers safe. And one of the ways to adapt to the normal is by transitioning operations to online. If you’re looking for a way to make money in the new normal, then starting an online business is a good idea.

This is the new normal. #DigitalIsTheNewNormal.

And the geeks are here to help you with that!

The world is changing and we need to adapt. Selling online can be rewarding and easy, but we understand knowing where to start is hard. Transitioning to online is no easy task…and that’s where we come in. Social Geeks will help you run your business online, starting off with building a FREE website for you! Along the way, we also provide expert advice, so you can smoothly set-up your online business. Sign Up now and start making money online!

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