Benefits of Working from Home

As the coronavirus has surged worldwide, 88% of Australian companies have encouraged their employees to work from home. Let’s face it, this “New Normal” takes some adjusting to get familiar with and if you’re worried that you might feel lazy and be unproductive at home, then this article is for you. We’ve listed down 10 benefits of working from home for you to be motivated to get up not because you need to arrive on time in the office, but because you’ll be working in your safe zone.

Benefit  #1: Zero Commuting

From bed to… bed? If before you’re waking up early to prepare for the day and consumes most of your time in travelling from home to office, then now you don’t have to! You can work directly from your bed or in any part of your home where you are comfortable. This benefit can also save more of your energy which you can use for the rest of the day!

Benefit #2: Comfy Clothes

We’ve all thought about this while working at your office, “Do I really need to wear heels and put on some make up every day?”.  “Do I really have to wear this tie while working in the office?” Now you don’t! You can wear your most comfortable outfit. We don’t recommend wearing your PJ’s because it might cause unproductiveness, instead, wear an outfit that would want you to get up!

Benefit #3: Flexible Schedule

Now, this benefit makes everyone excited.  I know this is one of the reasons that we started our agency! You can start your work at any time of the day and take multiple breaks which is very important in increasing your productivity. According to Flexjobs, flexible schedule doesn’t only provide employees with job satisfaction, better health, increased work-life balance, and less stress, but they also benefit employers through higher productivity levels, less turnover, and reduced absenteeism, employers are able to retain qualified employees and save money as well.

Benefit #4: 100% Control Over Your Own Work Environment

Do you always get told off when you blast your music or because you’re changing a lot of things in your workstation?  Now you’re free to do those! You can turn up your music when your favourite song comes in and set up your own workstation at home where you can be motivated to finish your tasks and will give you comfort.  No one will stop you!

Benefit #5: No Office Distractions

Have you ever experienced, you’re about to finish your report and then suddenly someone interrupts you with a sudden meeting or a co-worker suddenly talks to you? While at home, you can avoid these chit-chats, sudden meetings, and even noise at the other division because you are in control! Avoiding all of these can make you focus on your work. 

Benefit #6: It’s Easier to Make Calls

Personal calls? You don’t have to rush to private places just to answer a call, you can answer it anytime and anywhere!

Benefit #7: Save Money

Saving money cames a lot of aspects from those many reasons why a lot of people wants to work from home. No transportation fee plus no expensive leisures, like coffees and snack and that equals more savings. 

Benefit #8: Knock Off Some Weekend To-Do’s

TGIF or thank god its Friday is not that far away now. Waiting for the long week to see the weekend? You can now do things at the same time as continuing the series you’ve been binge-watching on Netflix, or finish your laundry. Now you can cross these off your list! You can already do these even on weekdays during your lunch breaks!

Benefit #9: Forget Crowd and Traffics

Now, this is my favourite! You don’t have to be stuck in traffic anymore.  I think we can all agree that traffic is the worst! Working from home will allow you to skip long lines in the train station, and you don’t have to stuff yourself inside the bus. More energy means more time with yourself or loved ones!

Benefit #10: More time with Loved Ones

Admit it, most of your time goes to your work — 38 to 42 hours per week to be exact. Now that you’re working from home, you’ll have more time with your loved ones! Play with your children, cuddle with your wife/husband, or do some indoor activities with your parents. This benefit also includes loving yourself. You don’t have to be guilty in embracing your “me time”. Keep in mind that carving time for yourself is vital for keeping yourself healthy, and that means a happier family and more productive work.  We started Maple & Honey to allow us to spend more time together, as well as be around our children when we start our family.  It’s a big benefit! 


It is important to consider not just how you’ll be productive and how you’ll adapt to the “new normal” setting but also how you’ll discipline yourself when no one is watching you. You may have a lot of freedom but having a good routine and integrity will make it better.

Source: Click Time

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