How to Be a Responsible Marketer During Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic is a make or break moment for brands. Audiences are now more sensitive with how companies handle the situation: about their advertising, core values,  how they treat their employees, and how they’re making an impact on the cause. With social media, consumers are more able than ever to confront and challenge brands about their frustrations and concerns. Despite this challenge, we strongly discourage brands to remain completely silent! Instead, take this as a big opportunity for your brand to rise to the occasion and serve your customers. Like we’ve previously mentioned, brands can either break it or make it on Social Media and beyond. In today’s digital age, it’s now in the marketers hands to take this opportunity to shine and make a positive impact. In this article, we’ll teach you how to carefully market your brand during the Covid-19 pandemic crisis.

1. Listen to Your Audience

The pandemic is triggering a lot of intense feelings, causing people to be more expressive. This is particularly evident in social media, where people can post their response to the crisis. Because people are more stressed and anxious right now, it is a good idea to listen first to your audience.

Marketers can practice social listening for your brand throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. According to Hubspot, social listening “is the monitoring of your brand’s social media channels for any customer feedback and direct mentions of your brand or discussions regarding specific keywords, topics, competitors, or industries, followed by an analysis to gain insights and act on those opportunities.” Monitor keywords and hashtags of your brand, your competitors, and Covid-19. 

Second, observe the conversations within your channels. What are your followers talking about in your page? Do you need to filter out comments like those that spread false rumors? Do you need to respond to certain comments like those who ask about your brand’s operations during the crisis?

2. Be Careful About your Content

It is imperative to note that our audience is very sensitive these days. Make sure not to trigger negative feelings about the pandemic and your brand. Before publishing a content, ask yourself these questions:

  • Will this cause my audience to panic?
  • Does this encourage risky behavior?
  • Is my tone appropriate?
  • Does this provide value to my audience?

A perfect example of how a brand became careful about their content is KFC. The chicken company paused their famous ongoing campaign “Finger Lickin’ Good” as it is unsafe to touch our mouth during the pandemic. In this scenario, KFC chose to be more sensitive with their ads despite how profitable the campaign is.  The potential backlash for this campaign right now is very clear, and as a result KFC took immediate action.

3. Be Transparent

Because brands are under more scrutiny than normal, they are pressured to be transparent about how their business is doing during the pandemic. It’s a good idea to issue a public statement, maybe in a form of social media post, about any change (or non-change) of operations. Let your customers know that your brand is very much aware of what is happening and its implications to your brand. You can even encourage dialogue by asking your audience any concerns that they still have.

4. Adjust Your Strategy

Now that you’re done listening to the environment, checking what content is appropriate or not, and communicating openly with your audience, it’s time to adapt to the scenario. Identify if there are any channels that you should pause like printed media and out-of-home (OOH). Shift most, if not all, your budget to online channels. Inspect other areas of your marketing strategy that need to be adjusted to adapt to the current behaviour of your target market.

5. Make an Impact

Now is a crucial part of your brand: up to what extent can you make an effort to make a positive impact during this time of crisis? Maybe your brand can support causes like donating facemask and protective suits to hospitals. Maybe you can share useful information in your website or social media like infographics and blog articles about the crisis. Maybe you can launch an extensive campaign to stop the spreading of the virus. One example is Twitter released the handwashing emoji to encourage people to wash their hands. 

We hope that you’ve got an idea on how to market your brand during this pandemic. We sincerely wish you and your brand well! Has your brand done anything similar to the points we’ve discussed? Share them in the comments section below!

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