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Over the past 7 days we’ve seen the situation with covid-19 escalate to levels we  never could have imagined. As of today (March 26th) we have over 2,500 confirmed cases in Australia and the government are beginning to bring in lock down rules to do what we can to #flattenthecurve.  We are all doing what we can to adapt to this crisis, and as business owners we need to be able to adapt quickly to the current events to ensure that they can continue business online or use online alternatives to the best of their ability.

Over the past 72 hours, we’ve been helping many of our clients transition to online stores and online courses so they can continue offering their services to their clients.   If you’re looking at how you can move your business to an online alternative, we would love to help.

We are offering our time to help consult you on how to keep your business going through this.  Please book in a session with Kyle so you can have 1:1 time to talk about plans over the phone or on a video call, no strings attached. We just want to get a better understanding of what you need. Something that might sound daunting for you may be a simple job on our end, so let’s talk!

Let us create online alternatives for your business

If you need a way for customers to book appointments on your website, we can add tools like Acuity Scheduling which can cater to most industries. 

All industries should try to implement online meetings instead of requiring a physical presence. We can set up your business with Zoom, Google Hangouts or Microsoft Teams. These all have dial-in options, so your customers aren’t forced to use a separate app.

If you’re not already online with your services, a good strategy is to create digital products such as checklists, work books or helpful guides for your clients. We can help you pack your knowledge into on-demand videos, courses, podcasts and eBooks.

We realise this is a lot to take on, but that’s why we’re here. We can help you create the products, then help you set up the channels you need to sell the products.

Virtual classes & online courses are great for fitness studios and other training-centric businesses. There are plenty of WordPress solutions for building membership sites like these and we have plenty of experience setting these up.  We can move quickly to help you get something in place ASAP.

Some popular course plugins include LearnDash, LifterLMS and Sensei for WooCommerce.  We have installed Sensei on multiple of our clients websites this week and helped them get content up and ready.

If you feel you can’t do any of these,  there are still options! Right now you can offer gift cards & certificates to your customers who are wanting to support you in these challenging times.

This tactic can allow you to make sales now and have your customers redeem them later. 

We are putting together relief packages for our clients and other businesses who need help. Right now, we are offering 50% off our web support services to help with updating their website or sending promotional emails.

With all new systems comes a learning curve, so if you need our support in training on these platforms we can provide you video training one on one.  

Let us help set up your virtual office

The first step for working online is having a directory on where to find all information

Your virtual office should include important information like a staff directory/contact details, employee handbooks, reference guides and training manuals, if you use these currently.

Project management tools are another big need for remote work. We use Bitrix24 to help oversee tasks and our team as we all work remotely. This tool can keep track of what everyone is working on by ensuring all their tasks get tracked in one place. 

We recommend taking your usual meetings online right away, using video meetings through Google Hangout or Zoom.  Our agency has weekly team meetings and daily standup sessions. It’s a great way to ensure everyone knows what to do and can ask questions for anything relating to their work.

…and take a break from everything.

This is the most important part – look after yourself! We have been working overtime this past week but still taking time to meditate, have a bubble bath and read a book to try and de-stress. Perhaps you can use this time to pick up a hobby that isn’t work related. Read, meditate, exercise. Reconnect with family and friends.  If you need to talk with someone, we’re here. At the end of the day, we’re all humans and we’re in this together.

Stay safe and reach out for a virtual hug anytime x

The Social Geeks Team

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