5 Reasons Why You Should be Doing Digital Marketing

Before anything else, welcome to a brand new year! We know it’s been a while since our last post, so one of our 2020 goals is to write more often whether it be updates about our agency or basic and advanced marketing. So let’s move on, shall we?

Gone are the days when you only see brands on TV, billboards, and newspapers. Online marketing opened an opportunity for brands to reach more people, more often. Since the birth of search engines in 1990 to advertising on Facebook and Instagram stories, the digital marketing landscape has evolved to becoming an important channel for brands, both big and small, to allocate their marketing budget. Wondering why digital marketing is almost a necessity to brands? Here are five reasons why:

Almost everyone is online.

According to WeAreSocial.com, 87% of Australians are on the internet and 72% are on social media. The same report also states that an Australian uses the internet for roughly 5 hours daily, and 93% of internet users say that they use the internet daily. In terms of mobile connections, the percentage of cellular connections is 130% of the total population of Australia. There are many other statistics to show, but the bottomline is the digital world is such an attractive landscape for brands to market to because of the number of people online. 

Your competitors are doing it too.

If you aren’t marketing digitally yet, then start worrying because your competitors are most likely doing it already. From a company as big as Telstra to a small clothing line started by a college student, brands have some form of online presence the same way as users are. In fact, Facebook has stated that there are around 80 million Facebook pages owned by small brands. For sure, you don’t want to be left behind, right?

It’s cheaper than traditional marketing.

Advertising online is a much less cheaper marketing channel. Getting a billboard placement or a TV commercial slot costs a significant amount of money for an average amount of views. On the other hand, it will only cost you roughly around $75 on social media or $50 on search to reach 2000 people (EndlessRevenueMarketing, 2018). This means small brands can easily penetrate the digital marketing world. You only need a small portion of your daily budget to be able to market your brand.

It’s an efficient way to market.

For example, you have a TV commercial. Surely you have reached hundreds of thousands of  Australians in just 30 seconds. Indeed, that’s an attractive number, but how many of those are your actual target? The efficiency of digital marketing lies in its ability to target very specific audiences. You dictate the demographics, the placements, the internet usage behavior, and your banner ad will be shown to them and only them. In digital marketing, you can focus your budget on a specific audience.

It’s very powerful.

Lastly, digital marketing offers a lot of powerful tools to help brands make the most out of it. One example is that you can personalise your marketing efforts. For example, by putting a certain code on your e-commerce website, you can already store a visitor’s internet usage data. Based on this data, you can send him emails or show him ads that are relevant to him, making your marketing efforts more attractive to him. Another way why digital marketing is powerful is its ability to automate processes. With the right tools, you can achieve results at the optimal time. It will take you less than 5 minutes to send thousands of personalised emails to your customers through a CRM (customer relationship management) tool. 

The bottomline. Digital marketing is a very attractive marketing channel for brands to use. Not even trying it means missing out on a big opportunity to reach your target audience. We highly encourage you to explore this channel to start experiencing a favourable ROI.

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