Advertising Scams

Scams. They happen. So once you learn more, you will be less likely to fall for their tricks.

We want our clients to stay safe and protect their personal data and account information!

Scams: A very common practice in Adwords, specifically around advertising. Some of the common ways to get into someone’s account is for the scammer to tell you that they ALREADY manage your account and/or have access. They may tell you something is wrong with the account and they urgently need access. They will be convincing and persistent. Never give out your customer ID number or password to anyone without doing your research on them first. Google their number- if nothing pops up then they are not linked to a registered business. These people are usually using burner phones where the numbers change frequently. If something does pop up and they are linked to a company, check their reviews. Proper companies will have both a Facebook page and a “Google My Business”. If they have reviews turned off for either of these- that’s a huge red flag.

Google Call Centers: This is not a scam, but a way that may cost you more money than needed. There’s a reason Google pockets $100 million every day from Adwords. These people are usually from an outsourced call center in The Phillippines or India and are hired to ‘help’ you in your account. They will basically upsell you things you may not need. Their incentive is to make Google money by raising your bids and daily budget. Our incentive at Social Geeks is to get you conversions and make YOU money. If we are managing your account, there is no need to use up your precious time talking to these guys. That’s what you’ve hired us for!

Call Centres That Cold Call: Once you are set up with Google Adwords, your ad is public. Meaning anyone can see it, take your number and call you. Although there are some genuine companies out there looking for leads and clients- they don’t all have your best interest at heart. Call centers are renowned for calling hundreds if not thousands of people per day. They usually have set KPIs and targets that they must hit and rules they must follow when talking to a lead. They could use dodgy tactics and bend the truth in order to get what they need from you. As mentioned above, never give out your customer ID number or password to anyone without doing your research on them first. It could be a scam, it could be a cold call. Who knows at this point. Some may even say they are from Google. Some may say they need access to fix something. Again, they will be persistent. Most call centers have a rule in place of getting at least 3 objections from the customer before they are allowed to end the phone call. The most effective way to end the call is to say “I am on the do not call register, please remove me from your list”. You may even have to say this multiple times to get them off the phone!

As a client of Social Geeks we want you to be safe. We never give out your personal information. No one else has access to your account. And if there are any issues, we will contact you personally. We don’t have a call center. If you are ever unsure of what a cold caller, Google sales rep or potential scammer has told you- call us! We are more than happy to put your mind at ease. Never let a stranger touch your account. I hope this helps understand the dodgy practices that go on.

Be smart, do your research and make us your first point of contact. We love our clients and would hate to see their account and personal details jeopardized!

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